Children's Dental Cleaning

Children Under 18 Months

  • For most children under 18 months the doctor will perform a visual inspection of your child's teeth and address any concerns.
  • Dr. Davoodian will review topics such as diet, nutrition, tooth eruption, and how to properly clean you child's teeth
  • Dr. Davoodian will also provide tips on how to prevent Early Childhood Caries.
  • We will also do a "show and tell" with your child, demonstrating the various instruments used during a cleaning.

Children Over 18 Months

  • Your child will receive a thorough exam, cleaning, flossing and fluoride application and dental x-rays if needed.
  • We will discuss topics of diet, nutrition, tooth eruption and how to properly clean your child's teeth.
  • Your child will begin to participate in our "tell, show, do" method, where each instrument used will be shown and explained and then used.
  • Lastly we will remove the sticky substance (plaque) that forms in the mouth from food, saliva and bacteria. It is important that plaque is removed because it sticks to teeth and causes cavities and gum disease.